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All You Need To Understand Regarding US Immigration Bond


Being in the United States illegally could land you into trouble with the immigration department. These officials can arrest you and detain you for contravening immigration laws. However, the availability of immigration bonds has given a reprieve to individuals who are victims of illegal immigration. US immigration bond can help you to secure your freedom or that of your loved one in case this unfortunate situation happens. Securing a US immigration bond is not a walk in the park.


One may get denied the immigration bond if you are found to have committed felony crimes such as drug trafficking, murder, fraud or tax evasion firearm trafficking and money laundering, among others. If you are found guilty of accessing the United States through illegal ports of entry, you can also get denied an immigration bond as well. However, after you are declared eligible, you can get the services of an immigration lawyer to enable you to acquire the bond. These individuals understand the process better and will help you to obtain the immigration bond without many hustles.


An immigration detainee can access different types of immigration bonds, including delivery bonds and voluntary departure bonds. Delivery bonds are given based on various factors, such as the severity of your case. Here, the judge will decide on whether to offer you the delivery bond or not. For you to access a delivery bond, you also need to have an arrest warrant and custody conditions from the immigration officers. Learn here about paying a US immigration bond. A delivery bond gets considered to be friendlier as it allows you to seek the assistance of a legal officer.


Getting a delivery bond also ascertains the immigration officers do not keep harassing you; hence, you can lead a normal life as you attend the immigration hearings on the scheduled dates. Voluntary departure bonds get granted to held immigrants and allow them to leave the country at their leisure within a specific timeline. For voluntary departure bonds, the immigrant gets tasked with meeting all their travel expenses and any other extra costs that may get incurred. For facts, visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b16pkimisY0.


 It is essential to understand that an immigration bond payment can get done in two ways. One can use a surety bond which involves the use of a guarantor in settling the bond. An individual can also use a cash bond where money gets paid directly to the immigration officers. An immigration bond can get viewed as a lifesaver for many illegal immigrants in the United States. You may learn more here.